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Privacy and Data protection Policy

Respecting the provisions of current legislation and as part of our constant effort to improve transparency and to ensure that personal data that are provided by our users are treated legally, below, we detail our Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

The present Privacy and Data Protection Policy (hereinafter, the Policy) describes how FULL MOON TRADING S.L. (hereinafter, FMT or we/us/our) collects and processes the personal data provided by users (hereinafter, the User) both through the use of the platform accessible through the website (hereinafter, the Site) and the services that we may offer from time to time through the Site (hereinafter, the Services).

If you have any questions or requirements in relation to the Policy, you can make them through

The processing of personal data is governed by this Policy. All terms written in the Policy shall have the meaning set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use (which can be consulted at this link )

All personal data provided by you will be processed by FULL MOON TRADING S.L., with address at Calle Ferraz 78 - 3ª planta, 28008, Madrid, Spain, with CIF B87508867 and whose contact email address is

Cookies Policy

In order to make the experience of browsing our website satisfactory and respecting the provisions of current legislation, below, we detail our Cookies Policy.

This website (hereinafter, the Site) as many others, uses cookies and is operated by FULL MOON TRADING S.L. (hereinafter referred to as FMT or we/us/our). In this Cookie Policy (hereinafter, the Policy) we will point out how cookies from our Site are used on users' (hereinafter, the User) computers.

Terms & Conditions

Full Moon Trading S.L. is a company incorporated under Spanish law with registered office in Madrid, via Ferraz 78 - 3ª Planta, registered in the Companies Register under number B87508867, owner of the Brand named "EuroAffiliati", hereinafter referred to as "FMT". The Affiliate is the person or company that promotes the products or services by new users of the channels promoted by the Operatos connected to FMT and who will make use of the FMT platform, hereinafter referred to as the“AFFILIATE”. The parties to this Contract acknowledge that each has sufficient legal capacity to execute this document. These Terms and Conditions of Use and the related Privacy and Cookies Policies constitute a legally binding contract between the AFFILIATE and FMT, hereinafter referred as the “Contract”.

FMT is a company which offers business support services and deals with the selection, management, monitoring and control of information services, as defined below. FMT is a specialised operator in the affiliation market and has gained consolidated experience in managing networks of agents and affiliates. FMT has designed and developed an online affiliation network available at FMT provides advanced marketing services through its affiliate platform. FMT offers Affiliate Access to marketing campaigns configured by Operators connected to the Affiliate Access platform. FMT also offers its affiliates advice, support and payment of commissions resulting from the promotion of the Operators' advertising campaigns, through the various tools made available by the Affiliate Access platform such as banners, tracking links, landing pages and anything else that will be considered useful in order to optimise the marketing campaigns. This Contract shall be effective from the moment that FMT through the Affiliate Access platform or through any tool, at its sole discretion deemed appropriate, approves the registration of the company or individual who has filled in the appropriate application form and shall remain in force until its termination. The Affiliate is a legal entity or natural person specialising in the Online Marketing sector and providing Affiliation information services for the products and services of the various competitors present on the reference market and, in this context, intends to integrate the information content of various Operators on its marketing sources, as defined below. The signing of this Contract totally excludes any relationship between companies, associations, agencies, business acquisitions or co-responsibilitỳ, so that none of the Parties can ever be held responsible for the obligations or torts of the other. This Contract will come into force and will be deemed to be finalised at the moment of its signature or, if previous, at the moment in which the Affiliate activates the Affiliate's Affiliation services through its marketing sources integrated with the information regarding the Operators provided by FMT and in compliance with the conditions and policies provided by the latter, which are an integral part of this Contract. The Affiliate also retains sole responsibility for ensuring that it has the legal right to promote the Operators through links/banners or other marketing tools. The parties intend with this Contract to define the terms and conditions that will govern the above services. This Contract is written in English and the English text is the only one that will be authentic, even if, for the Parties' convenience, some of the terms or annexed, as they have purely technical-commercial contents, may be totally or partially written in foreign languages. ALL THIS BEING SAID, THE FOLLOWING IS AGREED AND STIPULATED BETWEEN THE PARTIES: The foreword and annexes form an integral and substantial part of this Contract.

8.1 FMT agrees to ensure the correct flow of information by providing users with the necessary statistical data in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract.

8.2 FMT agrees to guarantee the Affiliate's access to the new campaigns available.

8.3 FMT reserves the right to accept or refuse any new Affiliate or deny an EuroAffiliati to a particular marketing campaign. The commissions visible within the relevant section of the EuroAffiliati platform will remain in "pending" status until they are confirmed and paid by the Operators. All confirmed commissions will be paid to the Affiliate by FMT. FMT can never be held responsible for any delay in the payment of commissions when such delay is attributable to the Operators.

8.4 The Parties acknowledge that the subject matter of the Contract is subject to any sudden changes in national and European regulations, due to rapid technological development and inherent problems in this area, and agree that, should these changes in any way interfere with the Contract, the Contract may be amended in order to comply with the new provisions and policies of the Operators or the EuroAffiliati platform, at any time, at the sole discretion of FMT, by publishing the new version of the Contract on the website